Love Life's Journey Quilts LLC - Memory quilts for your family and friends...past and present.
Because the Fabric of Our Lives is all about relationships...........
Embrace your memories from the past to the present in a homemade quilt. Add pictures, use their clothing, the more worn the better. Make it do, use it up! You cannot wear it out.
Quilter of 33 years with 3 quilting daughters to help me. All are creative and intuitive to your needs.
Save those clothes!  If you don't do anything with them right away, save them for a rainy day when you stumble across my website. I'll turn your loved ones aged cotton shirt into a treasure that will be enjoyed for generations.
The right gift for a life occasion. This doesn't have to be for only memorial services. Your journey quilt gift is designed also for weddings, births, graduations, family or that sabbatical vacation you took to find yourself.
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